Three Pioneers and Their Views in Gender Conservatism

Three Pioneers and

Three Pioneers and Their Views in Gender Conservatism. The world has seen massive change when it comes to gender equality. However, traces of patriarchy are still prominent in today’s society even among younger generations. It is not difficult to see why that might be the case. For centuries, people have lived with such conservative philosophy. Many infamous philosophers had actually contributed to this point of view. You might be surprised to know that the three infamous Greek philosophers Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Plato are among the biggest contributors to this school of thought.

Three Pioneers and
Three Pioneers

Plato is often said to be a pioneer in conservatism about gender. The philosopher had theorized about the creation of mankind which can still be read in several philosophy books. In his dadu online theory about human creation, it is very clear how Plato believed that women are less wholesome creations than men. He mentioned that women are not fully capable to think within reasons. Women are considered to have different characteristics (and therefore virtues).  Thus, Plato said that reunion between man and woman is important to complete each other.

Plato’s opinions are adapted by his students and their followers.

Hippocrates, with his medical background, delved deeper into the physical difference between man and woman. It is clear that there is glaring anatomy difference between the two. Woman owns uterus and therefore capable of giving birth to new life. This ability was highlighted, but unfortunately not framed in fair manner. Hippocrates explained that giving birth is the ultimate way a woman can contribute to the society. This interpretation of woman’s nature affects how society treats women.

Three Pioneers and
physical difference between man and woman

Aristotle’s view on gender roles was more related to political aspects of a society. He considered that women should be led by man because they are incapable of making sound decisions. Women are thought to be easily affected by their own emotions and can act impulsive. He did not think that it is necessary for women to receive similar education as men, a view that was dissimilar to Plato’s. However, he emphasized the importance of happiness for women too in order to build a utopian society. A society will not be able to thrive if its women are unhappy. Still, women are put in a lower power position than men.

Conservative gender philosophy from these philosophers really reflects the society.

Even in modern era. Wherever you live, you can easily see people who adopt “man as the ultimate leader” perspective. There are more male leaders than the females all around the globe, whether in government or corporate sector. Various issues stem from this particular discourse. Wage gap between men and women is something that is still present in modern society. Women notoriously receive less pay than men despite occupying similar positions and have equal qualifications. This philosophy is also reflected in the way that workplace regulations are not friendly towards women.

Three Pioneers and
Conservative gender philosophy

The philosophy itself became wide spreading to other regions due to occupancy. That is why the three philosophers and their view in gender conservatism become familiar to us.  Changing mindsets that have been cultivated for years would be a difficult challenge. As the society continues to change and contest the old norms, though, the efforts to rethink old gender conservatism are encouraged.