An Outline of the 7 background of the French Revolution

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An Outline of the 7 background of the French Revolution. It’s fascinating to know several revolutions that happened in the past are able to influence and change the development of countries in various aspects.  One of them is the French Revolution. Which also played an important role in changing the world for better than before.

The French Revolution occurred in 1789 because King Louis XVI committed massive financial. Expenditures and political injustice in choosing a governmental board of members— the nobles took over the governmental force with no knowledge of the profession or skills.  However, before that, the execution of absolute power and monarchy during the French Revolution achieved its glory during the reign of King Louis XIV somewhere in between the year of 1643-1715.

An Outline of the
An Outline of the

With all classes of people who rebelled against absolutism.  So, on July 9, 1789 a body of Law was formed, known as the Constituent National Council or the Assembly of the National Constituent.

Meanwhile, what are the reasons behind the occurrence of the French Revolution?  Due to several reasons, these are the 7 important outlines of the revolution, including:

An Outline of the
An Outline of the
  1. Bad Governance— Due to the absolute power of the king in France, turned almost everything into iniquity. The king has the absolute freedom to act arbitrarily. The king’s prominences are superior, while the needs of the people are set aside.
An Outline of the
An Outline of the
  1. The Void of the State Treasury— In 1789, during the reign of Louis XVI. The burden of the state was very heavy and on the verge of bankruptcy due to King Louis XIV inheritance. Thus leaving the country with debts that must be paid in tremendous numbers.


  1. Vacuum of Power— The power vacuum during the French Revolution was mainly because of a succession of governments with a series of failures.


  1. The Rise of Rationalism— The concept of rationalism emerged after the revival and humanism movements that opposed the authority of the church (18th century). Thus, understanding rationalism by all means is the source of all truth, so that anything that doesn’t make sense is considered incorrect.


  1. The Emergence of Romanticism— In connection to Rationalism, Romanticism is an understanding that upholds feelings and values ​​human instincts. Thus, romanticism occurred when the rationalists were unable to complete their battle.


  1. Injustice Due to Feudalism— The feudal system in France divides the society into three groups, including:

  • the nobles with special rights and holds all power in the government.
  • group of religious experts who are loyal to the king.
  • trade groups, workers and ordinary people.

 The Influence of the American Revolution—

Inspired by the success of the American Revolution, the French citizens became increasingly eager to fight for their freedom.  Since, the political force of the American Revolution itself is driven by the idea of republicanism.

Therefore, the French Revolution became one of the important moments in the goal of abolishing the monarchical system.  Thus, the emergence of new hopes and freedom makes the society feel safer and better in the long run.